Adult Wing Chun

Our Adult Wing Chun Kuen classes offer a wonderful way to get and stay fit and healthy because our classes incorporate some physical exercise, that benefits many aspects which improve fitness and others aspects such as core strength, coordination, balance, cardiovascular improvement, in addition to this you will also be learning valuable self-defence skills, each student will follow a core syllabus, step by step, easy to follow stages to learn this beautiful martial art of Wing Chun Kuen.

Adult Wing Chun Kuen Classes

From health benefits to mental wellness, Wing Chun training can help in these ever-increasing troubling times.

Students begin to feel a difference in their health and confidence levels.

Our classes are great fun and ego-free, so you’ll enjoy yourself while benefiting from all the aspects of Wing Chun development.

Wing Chun Kuen Classes are suitable for all ages, fitness levels and experience levels.

Private lessons are also available… click here.

At our adult Wing Chun classes, we have instructors with a wealth of knowledge and experience in many Wing Chun lineages, with several martial art disciplines too, including Escrima, Judo, Karate, Wu-Shu-Kwan and Tai-Chi.

Each adult class runs for 2 hours and includes the following 8 stage methodology.

  • Theory
  • Fitness
  • Form
  • Form application
  • Striking
  • Chi-Sao
  • Reaction
  • Applied reality

You can read more about our methodology here.

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Adult Class Costs

Adult Wing Chun benefits

  • 2 hours of high-energy sessions
  • Suitable for complete beginners
  • All new students get a 4-week introduction for only £20
  • Friendly ego-free environment
  • No contract
  • Great value for value
  • Grow your confidence
  • Train safely
  • Boost cardiovascular
  • Strengthens core
  • Improve stretching and flexibility
  • Expanded striking power
  • Build body precision with form practice
  • Increase your tactile responses
  • Develop reactional skills
  • Applied reality

Our classes service areas throughout Surrey, in the boroughs of Epsom & Ewell, Elmbridge & Esher, Cobham & Byfleet, servicing the following areas Addlestone, Ashtead, Cheam, Chessington, Claygate, Epsom, Esher, Ewell, Hinchley Wood, Kingston Upon Thames, Long Ditton, Stoneleigh, Surbiton, Sutton, Weybridge, Woking.

Wing Chun and the movie

Grand Master Ip Man (Yip Man) taught Wing Chun Classes in Hong Kong to many great students, some of which still teach to this day across the world; one of his most famous pupils was a martial artist and movie star, Bruce Lee.

Wing Chun Kuen is also practised these days by many A-list movie stars; this is because it translates very well for close-quarter combat in movies, movie stars such as Liam Neeson, Robert Downey Jnr, and Nicholas Cage.

Wing Chun Kuen is demonstrated well in many action films, including films like Taken, Sherlock Holmes and Bangkok Dangerous and most recently The Ip Man Movies starring Donnie Yen.

What Our Student’s are Saying

Client Testimonials

I’ve been studying Wing Chun Kuen privately with Sifu Andy for about a year.

Working in a busy global role, I’ve seen great benefits mentally, and I enjoy the discipline, which helps my concentration.

Highly recommend Sifu Andy who is professional and very knowledgeable


Private student

I’ve been studying Wing Chun Kuen for over 10 years, the vast majority of the time has been private 1-2-1 lessons.

The confidence and joy I have gained out of these lessons has served me well in both my work and private life.

My only regret is that I wish I started earlier in my life, but it is never too late.

I consider Sifu Andy a friend and mentor in all things martial art related.


Class and private Student