Biu-Tze meaning “darting fingers.”

The Biu-Tze would be a thesaurus if one would think of martial arts as a form of physical communication, to learn to communicate in a western language; one would first learn the alphabet, it’s the sequence, the pronunciation of each letter, where it would fit into each word and then possible alternate words as one’s vocabulary increases.


  • Biu-Tze‘ Darting Fingers’. The thesaurus or alternate solution when all else fails

Biu Tze “Darting Fingers”

The third of the Wing Chun Kuen forms taught only to advanced level students.

Most students would only develop correct energy in the Biu-Tze form, after having good control and discipline of their own body, this comes from fully understanding the Siu-Nim-Tao and Chum-Kiu forms.

Often referred to as the ’emergency form’, The Biu-Tze form contains many ideas to recover your structure when in combat. The Biu Tze form also contains many dangerous tools and techniques.

When practising the tool and techniques with a partner, one must train with care. This form develops elastic energy with a hefty whipping force; it also helps the student to develop long and short bridge power.

It takes several years for a Wing Chun Student to develop the requirements in their body to be able to perform the Biu-Tze form correctly.

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