Chum-Kiu meaning “seeking bridge.”

Think of martial arts as a form of physical communication, to learn to communicate in a western language; one would first learn the alphabet, it’s a sequence, the pronunciation of each letter, where it would fit into each word and then possible alternate words as one’s vocabulary increases.


  • Chum-Kiu‘Seeking Bridge’. The dictionary or putting tools and techniques together

Chum Kiu “Bridge Seeking”

The second of the Wing Chun Kuen forms and is taught to Foundation & Intermediate level students, this form is known as the bridge-seeking form or searching bridge, it teaches the student many ranges of combat, including weight shifting, hip rotational power, different stepping concepts, elbow and knee striking tools, variations in kicking angles, joint destruction, techniques to bridge and to free from the opponent’s bridge.

To develop improved timing and coordination. A student should have a good understanding of the Siu-Nim-Tao tools; Chum Kiu instils the ability to practise two different tools simultaneously.

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