Junior Wing Chun

Junior Wing Chun

Wing Chun martial art is a fantastic style of Kung Fu originating from Foshan, Southern China; it’s a wonderful martial art and an effective self-defence system for men and women of all ages.

Specialising in close-quarter combat, the economy of motion, effort and technique.

Its main function is self-defence, but it can be fun and have many other benefits, such as improving mental and physical health, coordination, balance, social skills, and confidence.

Junior Wing Chun is an enjoyable martial art for all ages; it is straightforward in concept, using your body’s geometry and creating relaxed skeletal strength, which is used to generate efficient power, regardless of gender, age or stature.

You’ll learn how to apply the principles of the efficiency of motion, the economy of effort and the simplicity of technique. The majority of students will understand why Wing Chun Kuen is a practical self-defence system within very little time.

Wing Chun Kuen, “eternal springtime fist”, is a concept based on Chinese martial art and a type of Kung Fu; it’s also an effective self-defence system.

Utilising powerful, direct lines of attack and defence while protecting the centreline, using tools and techniques while simultaneously striking.

Originating from Foshan, southern China, in the early Qing dynasty.

Created by an already talented martial artist, an Abbess called Ng Mui, it is said to have been developed based on the sightings of a fight between a snake and a crane.

The most famous of modern-day Master’s was Ip Man 1893 – 1972; he taught Bruce Lee in the 1960s. He also taught his 2 sons, Ip Chun and Ip Ching, throughout their lives; Ip Chun still practices this to this day.

Recently, many movies have been produced portraying the journey of Ip Man’s life.

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