March 16, 2016

Wing Chun Classes

Wing Chun Classes


Wing Chun Classes are great!

Our Wing Chun classes offer a wonderful way to get and stay fit, because of the physical exercise undertaken in class,  in additional to this you’ll also be learning valuable self defence skills.

Each class is 2 hours long and includes many aspects of health & Fitness including…

  • Cardiovascular
  • Core exercises
  • Stretching
  • Striking
  • Form practice
  • Chi-Sao (Tactile response training)
  • Reaction training
  • Applied reality

The classes suitable for beginners.

Each student follows a core syllabus, taking them through easy steps to learn this beautiful art of Wing Chun Kuen.

Each class is taught by an experienced Wing Chun professional.

  • 4 Week trial of ONLY £20 (No obligation)
  • Unlimited class access £55 per Month (after trial)
  • Annual membership only £40 (after trial)
  • Private lessons (available upon request)
  • 2 hour energetic classes
  • Student support documents

Wing Chun Classes






The classes are located in the boroughs of Epsom & Ewell, Elmbridge & Esher, Cobham & Byfleet, servicing the following areas Addleston, Ashtead, Cheam, Chessington, Claygate, Epsom, Esher, Ewell, Hinchley Wood, Kingston Upon Thames, Long Ditton, Stoneleigh, Surbiton, Sutton, Weybridge, Woking.



Training Wing Chun Classes is simple, but is also hard work, the Wing Chun Kuen learning process consists of the following aspects.

  • Fitness: Warm-up, stretching, core strengthening and cardiovascular exercises.
  • Striking Drills (Tool Sharpening) : Using almost every part of your body as a potential weapon, It is important that your tools remain sharp, develops muscle tone, speed, accuracy and power.
  • Chi-Sao (Sticking hands): A tactile exercise to increase sensitivity, All student’s practise chi-sao because it heightens sensitivity, as a result the student will deal with an opponent that blocks their attack or grabs your arms.
  • Forms: A series of tools and techniques practised for Stance, stepping, correct positioning, structure and energy. more about the individual forms.
  • Form Applications: Exercises to instil a deeper understanding of each tool and technique, knowing the movements of a form is not enough, it is important that all students understand what each tool/technique is used for.
  • Lat-Sao: A valuable part of training to improve students tools, instil concepts, improve timing and develop correct reactions.
  • Applied Reality: Using all aspects of a students training in real situations. There are many ways in which an attacker could attempt violence , you’ll practise many variations of attacks. these will be practised regularly to ensure effectiveness, should you ever be unfortunate to be attacked and need to defend yourself.

Movie Stars

Grand Master Ip Man (Yip Man) taught Wing Chun Classes in Hong Kong to many great students, some of which still teach to this day across the world, one of his most famous pupils was martial artist and movie star Bruce Lee.

Wing Chun Kuen is also practised these days by many A-list movie stars, this is because it translates very well for close quarter combat in the movies, movie stars such as Liam Neeson, Robert Downey Jnr and Nicholas Cage.

Wing Chun Kuen is demonstrated well in many action films, including films like: Taken, Sherlock Holmes and Bangkok Dangerous and most recently The Ip Man Movies starring Donnie Yen.

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