Strike Training

Striking Drills (Tool Sharpening): Everything is a weapon if you know how to use it, and it is adequately trained.

A Wing Chun practitioner would use almost every part of the body as a potential weapon; this means it must be trained and understood in its application.

When and where to use a tool is key but knowing when and where not to use it is also vital, for example; soft weapons work well against hard targets, but some hard weapons can also be used against hard targets, some tools have a specific target and purpose; for example, the side palm can be applied very effectively against the ear, this creates an instant vacuum and discomfort, whereas a punch to the ear would hurt the opponent but would not have the same effect.

As a chef would insist on keeping sharp knives in the kitchen, a Wing Chun practitioner must maintain sharp tools, if trained well this will strengthen the body and increase muscle tone, develop natural speed, improve accuracy, and enhance the power of the strike.

Strike Training Includes

  • Punches: various techniques and combinations
  • Palm: all variations
  • Elbows: various techniques
  • Kicks: numerous techniques
  • Knee: all variations
  • Bladed techniques of hand
  • Arm techniques inc Fak, Shat-Geng, Cheng
  • Combinations of above