Theory: The underlying knowledge (concepts and principles)
A student who understands the Wing Chun theory is likely to understand the system much more effectively and make decisions with ease.

The Wing Chun theories, for which are there many and exist to make the system simple and effective.

From understanding the centreline from your own to your opponents, the efficiency of motion, meaning take the most direct line with your chosen weapon, the economy of energy, meaning, do not apply additional muscular effort to do a task, the simplicity of technique, meaning, use a technique that is appropriate from a given position to its next position.

However, knowledge is not enough – one must train hard regularly to understand fully.

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Theory Includes

  • Centreline
  • Efficiency of motion
  • Economy of energy
  • Simplicity of technique
  • Simultaneous attack and defence
  • Geometrical strength
  • Relaxed heavy power