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What is Wing Chun?


What is Wing Chun Kuen? translated, it means “eternal springtime fist”, it is a concept based, Chinese martial art and form of Kung Fu; it is also used as effective and practical self-defence.

Using powerful, direct lines of attack and defence while defending the centreline, utilising tools and techniques while simultaneously striking at speed.

It employs, speed, structural power, direct efficient striking & controlling, it is also a primarily close-range fighting system.

Using efficient body mechanics for maximum power at the time of impact, while maintaining relaxed muscularity to produce the essential speed, all taught through our 7 element methodology.

It is suitable for men and women of all ages, regardless of stature.

What is Wing Chun


Wing Chun originated from southern China in the early Qing dynasty.

Created by an already talented martial artist, an Abbess called Ng Mui, it is said to have been formed based on the sightings of a fight between a snake and a crane.

After forming the fighting system considerably, Ng Mui passed the art onto a lady called Yim Wing Chun to help her protect herself against a warlord’s impending forced marriage.

After defeating the warlord, she later taught the art to her true love Leung Bok Chaun, whom she later married.

Ng Mui later named the art after her friend, and first student, Yim Wing Chun, which means “eternal springtime”.

Modern History

Ip Man (1893 – 1972): taught his two sons, Ip Chun and Ip Ching, in the mid-1900s and many other students besides, some of which still teach to this day across the world; one of his most famous pupils was a martial artist and movie star, Bruce Lee.

Wing Chun is practised today by many movie stars such as Robert Downey Jnr and is used in many Hollywood movies such as Taken, Sherlock Holmes and Bangkok Dangerous and most recently, the movies about Ip Man’s life “Ip Man 1,2,3 and 4”.

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Read more about Wing Chun Kuen.

What is Wing Chun